Tired of being the dumbest one in your group of friends? Didn’t pay attention in school? Want to deliver condescending sneers after dropping knowledge bombs? Entirely uninteresting and need to become more worldly as quickly as possible? Unemployed and have way too much time? Yearn to become supremely intelligent as revenge? Or maybe…just maybe… you have a genuine interest in learning? Or you’re an auditory and/or visual learner? Whatever your condition, documentaries are the medication, and Netflix has a seemingly endless supply of prescription pads. Being that there are an overwhelming amount to pick from, I will ease the process by walking you through 3 documentaries on Netflix each week. You’re welcome. 



What it is: Film directed by Alex Holmes that aired on Showtime.

What it’s about: The career-ruining drug controversy of famed bicyclist and huge liar, Lance Armstrong.

The Lowdown: While most are in the know, if vaguely, that he is a cyclist whose athletic victories were reached with and career ruined by the aid of illegal drug use, this eye-opening film demolishes any positive opinion one has left of him by exposing his monstrous character. The film is made up of old footage as well as interviews with those who surrounded and were tyrannized by him throughout his entire career. It walks you through the corrupt steps this hero-turned-villain walked, knowingly destroying families, careers, and reputations that stood in his way.

Party Fact: “I’m sorry for you. I’m sorry you can’t dream big and I’m sorry you don’t believe in miracles” is a direct Lance Armstrong quote you should retort as a hint every time someone accuses you of something extremely depraved you don’t want to admit guilt to.

Yay, Nay or May(be): May – Watch it if you’re a fan of all-things sports. Or, if you’ve ever wanted clarification on the Lance Armstrong sitch – but, like, why wouldn’t you just Google that, instead?

2. Crimes of the Century

What it is: 8-episode CNN Series

What it’s about: Each episode covers a major news event that shocked the public of its time

The Lowdown: It is made up of interviews and footage as per ush. What’s great about this series is that it wraps up all of those huge scandals most people can reference off the top of their head.

Party Fact: The guy who attempted to assassinate President Reagan did it because he was trying to impress Jodi Foster. He became obsessed with her after watching her in Taxi Driver.

Yay, Nay or May(be): Yay – From the DC Sniper to Amanda Knox to the Unabomber and more, if you don’t know about ‘em, you better ask somebody…or watch this documentary series.


What it is: Episode 19 of Season 1 from a National Geographic Channel series titled “Inside”

What it’s about: The business of internationally self-arranged marriages taking place in the United States

The Lowdown: The film follows 2 could-be couples as they become acquainted prior to deciding whether they want to go through with the self-arranged marriage. Throughout, the business is explained and stories of others who have participated are presented. The true genius of the episode is in the new light it sheds on the many held misconceptions. There are numerous facts and surprising perspectives, introduced through various personal stories, that tame any judgments often passed on both parties.

Party Fact: When a bride arrives in the U.S., the couple has 90 days to wed before the bride must return to her homeland.

Yay, Nay or May(be): Yay – Even if it isn’t particularly high on your list of interests, the manner in which this episode humanizes a customarily scrutinized and ridiculed life choice makes this a must-see. Anything that increases our acceptance and understanding of each other is always worth our time.