Streaming Netflix from Your Wrist Just Became Cool

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.12.48 AM

Originally, people thought it sounded ridiculous to read books or watch movies on their phones. Now with the 38.6 millimeter height and 33.3 millimeter width of the Apple Watch, how readily will people adapt to staring at an even smaller screen than their phone?

Netflix poked fun at the Apple Watch, and I have to say, it was pretty funny. Now, could this be some secret way of Netflix helping Apple to push sales with its not so subtle commercial mocking the Apple Watch? If you’re a conspiracy theorist, then sure. The Apple Watch is already sold out, and it looks like the wait times could be well into the summer before you can get your hands on the fancy time piece.

It may seem like it will take a while for Netflix streamers to adopt to such a small screen, but Apple does have a nice trick up its sleeve. With the Apple Watch, you have the ability to watch college and professional sports. Whether you have to run out and get milk or your stuck in your commute from work, you will literally never miss the big game ever again. Slowly, an Apple Watch owner will become more and more accustomed to use their time piece as their main mobile streaming unit.

Apple does have a way of making things cool, and soon, we’ll just see how cool staring at your wrist will become.