7 Reasons You’re Not as Cool as Beth and Zach from ‘Life After Beth’ on Amazon Prime

The time has come where Netflix is unfortunately no longer the focus and Amazon Prime has come to steal the show. Luckily for you Amazon is streaming Life After Beth on Prime Video, unlike Netflix.

Lets face it, whether you want to admit it or not, couples in movies are just as inspiring as Shakespeare’s love stories. Zach (Dane DeHaan) and Beth (Audrey Plaza) aren’t your average couple, like not at all. Zach is coping with Beth’s death until she returns from the dead. He then soon realizes Beth is not the same girlfriend he once loved. This zom-com-rom-dram takes a turn for the worse when Zach realizes she is not resurrected, but a zombie. I bet you’re curious as to what it would be like to have girlfriend (or boyfriend) as a zombie? Well this list will make you wish you were dating the undead to be just as cool as Beth and Zach.

1. Zach makes us forget that smoking is not cool…

Smoking is all types of bad… (but yet so good when Zach does it).


2. Zach and Beth keep their relationship real with their deep love

I’d stop the world and melt with you Zach.


3. Zach and Beth make zombie talk pretty dirty

Who knew zombies were sooo oblivious?


4. Zach and Beth are deadly honest with each other

It’s pretty cool how brutal they can be.


5. Zach and Beth are super chill when they support each other during “rough times”

It’s not like zombies or anything massacred his family… oh wait.


6. Zach and Beth put the “cool” in “kisscooling”

They make sex on the park look pretty cool, you know, since sand is going e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.


7. Beth’s sarcasm keeps their relationship fresh with flesh

Sometimes we all need a little sarcasm in our lives to make the relationship alive.