5 Reasons the Prince of Bel-Air Will Always Be Fresh

Fresh Prince

Recently, I was informed by our dear editors that I was to stop binge watching Netflix and to start enjoying the perks of Amazon. I’m usually always down for change, but this sucks. I miss my sweet Netflix with its customized genres, the friendly red and gray greeting screen, and its easy-to-navigate menu. But work is work, so I’ve been seeking out Amazon’s own special traits.

My first instinct was to hit up the horror section for some new list. I was only surprised to find out that The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is available on Amazon! As historical facts state, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was recorded to be the absolute bestest sitcom of all time in the whole universe. It was always funny but also provided some meaningful moral or message. So, here are five reasons why Netflix needs to up their game and add this brilliant show, so maybe we can have more reason to go back to Netflix.

1. It’s always funny

Even in some of the most heart moving episodes, there manages to be some hilarious joke that can make anyone laugh. Go ahead deny it, but once you know this happiness, there is no other.


2. While being funny, it teaches all kinds of lessons.

From not being a jerk to overweight women to learning to be a responsible adult, the lessons are endless. I’m probably super biased, but it never seems these morals are super annoying or in your face either-they were “fresh.”


3. Everyone and their 90’s nostalgia obsession would be happy.

It’s pretty undeniable that the current (and slightly obnoxious) trend to do is look back and remember how great life was when we were younger, particularly the 90’s. What better way to celebrate the decade than with Will and the Banks family??


4. Will and Jazzy Jeff’s handshake.

Come on, this is the symbolization of friendship. I could make this Carlton’s dance or something, but we’re all aware of that. I feel that this handshake is sometimes overlooked when it has such depth and meaning to it. Will and Jazz always had their ups and downs but this handshake always brought them back together.


5. The theme song!

Usually you get the urge to fast-forward through intros, but there is no better opening to any show ever than this. Jimmy Fallon did us all a favor of recreating this recently, proving that it never ever gets old and that people only want more. It’s simply something people can watch repeatedly and still rap along every time.