THE RUNDOWN: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “Frank Retires” RECAP

Last nights episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “Frank Retires” will be going down as one of the bloodiest episodes in the series history! When Frank decides he’s going to retire the gang debates who takes over his shares and becomes the majority holder… or the person who gets to sit in “the chair with the smell of 1000 butts”! Despite it’s name it’s a privilege.

The gang goes through their files and find a plate they all signed stating the first born should receive his shares in case of death or retirement. Since both Dennis and Dee aren’t franks REAL children, Charlie wants to get a blood sample from Frank to determine if Charlie is indeed Franks son. But they know from the past that Frank would never agree to something like this, so they have to sneak it while he’s sleeping.


Well, Charlie is no surgeon because he shows up at the doctors with a bucket of blood (mainly Franks) that has over 4 different blood types as well as an animals blood, the test proves inconclusive. They have to go back to get another sample, this time they hit an artery and blood went EVERYWHERE! Frank doesn’t realize any of this and ends up looking like Nosferatu by the end of the episode and is convinced that it’s due to retirement. He decides to remain at the helm of their sinking ship called Patty’s Pub!

The gang has had some brutal blood baths in the past, but nothing to this caliber!

Here’s some other moments from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Where The Gang Is Covered in Blood

“The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell”
S4 Ep 11

This is an episode that was ahead of it’s time… by being in the past. The gang is trying to get the state to acknowledge their bar as a historic landmark by explaining how they were the reason for the cracked liberty bell. Cricket plays a British captain who gets his head shot off. The explosion was (why dare I say it) MIND BLOWING. Sorry… I went there.
Always sunny Head shot

“Mac’s Big Break”
S6 Ep 4
M. Night is filming his new movie in Philadelphia and while Mac is trying to get his script written to show to M. Dee is trying to get a role in the film. She does! But it’s as a dead person covered in blood.

“Very Sunny Christmas”
S6 Ep 13
Charlie visits Santa at the mall and has a breakdown remembering that his Christmas pasts involved Santa coming over and f**king his mom… This Santa got the brunt of it… and all the Charlie rage he could muster up on his diet of cat food and huffing paint.

“Franks Pretty Woman”
S7 Ep 1

This needs absolutely no explanation…