THE RUNDOWN: Better Call Saul ‘Bingo’ RECAP


Last nights episode of Better Call Saul ‘Bingo’ brought back those divine Kettleman’s and their non existent bag of money that totally exists. They weren’t happy at HHM for saying they’re not going to get off without making a deal, but Mrs. Kettleman refuses for anything other than innocent and fires Kim. When they go to Jimmy and find out he can’t give them what they want… they remind him of the $30,000 “retainer” and how if they went down, he’s going down too.

After getting Mike out of trouble last week, Saul CALLS HIM and assigns his first “fixer” job… it was glorious.


S3 Ep 13
Mike cleans up after Jesse’s girlfriend has an overdose.


“Caballo Sin Nombre”
S3 Ep 2
Saul hires Mike to spy on Skyler to make sure she doesn’t talk. He installs pinhole microphones outside the house.