Play The Now Streaming Netflix Drinking Game!

It’s St. Patrick’s Day everyone. If you’re at work and not at least a little buzzed, you’re not doing it right. If you’re walking around trying to turn everything into a drinking game then, my friends, you’re winning the holiday! We here at Now Streaming are here to help feed your holiday alcoholism by turning our favorite streaming service into the Netflix drinking game.

Just a quick disclaimer, I am not responsible for any alcohol poisoning that may occur, that’s on your internet provider. 

Take a sip whenever Netflix recommends you a movie that makes absolutely NO sense!

Drink whenever your favorite character drinks.

Drink your friends drink if the movie you thought was on Netflix isn’t there.

Waterfall when the screen freezes to buffer.

Finish your drink at the end of the credits.


The fine folks at sobour have compiled a list of drinking games for certain movies, I went through and picked out the films that are streaming right now on Netflix.