Donna PersonnaWith lots of new Netflix titles streaming this week, I want to direct your attention away from your receding hairline and instead to some of the newly released titles I encourage you to check out: The first season of Netflix’s new original Bloodline, the new addition of Saw movies which just popped out of nowhere, and speaking of popping up, becoming an old person can pop up sooner than you think, you can just ask the old drag queens in Before You Know It. Before you know it yourself, you’re running out of films to watch, so you might want to watch the documentary Life Itself about legendary film critic Roger Ebert, also new this weekend.

Your life won’t be over anytime soon (at least we hope not), so enjoy it to the fullest by hiding out in your home with the blinds closed and Netflix on full volume. Don’t forget to check out this week’s Stream ‘Em And Leave ‘Em listing all the titles that leave TODAY!

Have a great weekend guys! Also, I’m sorry about the receding hairline comment, I’m dealing with some of my own issues and wanted to make sure I wasn’t alone.

Bloodline – Season 1 (2015)
The new Netflix original series about a family in the Florida Keys with a dirty secret, has gotten a lot of attention on our site lately. When the oldest son, Danny, comes back into town, he threatens to resurface some family secrets. It’s being called by many as a “slow-burning noir with twists as big as it’s all-star cast!” I added that last part, but get your butt comfortable, because I feel like you’re not going to be able to stop watching all 13 episodes.

Saw (2004)
BLAST FROM THE PAST! It’s been 10 years since Halloween everywhere turned into a three letter word. Even though the first four Saw movies are online, you should really focus on the first original Saw. Director James Wan (of the new Fast and Furious) co-wrote this with Leigh Whannell who also co-stars in the film. They’ve gone on to make some of this generation’s scariest horror films (NOT ON NETFLIX) and some of the worst sequels (unfortunately Insidious 2 is on Netflix). Get back into the swing of great story-driven horror with this incredible film!

Life Itself (2014)
The story of Roger Ebert, the man who judged almost every filmmaker and had the power to make or break a film’s opening box office weekend just from writing a review, is now being told by the very filmmakers he criticized. The documentary talks about his enchanted life as well as his recent physical downfall. It’s a doc that honors the man but doesn’t hold anything back. If you want to appreciate film then this documentary will be just the right amount of happy.

Before You Know It (2013)
Lastly, I wanted to make mention of this documentary I hadn’t heard of before, but which immediately caught my attention, Before You Know It is a documentary about the unrecognized issues gay people over the age of 60 and living in Texas encounter on a daily basis. Taking place around the time New York legalized gay marriage and focusing on three COMPLETELY different gay people-a cross-dresser, a black man, and a regular old white fella-watch as they struggle through what every 15-year-old girl feels when they turn 16: the fear of growing old.