‘Missionary’ is the Romantic Mormon Thriller on Netflix We’ve All Been Waiting For… Wait, huh?

As I do every day, I posted the new titles on Netflix, one of those that caught my eye was a thriller on Netflix called Missionary. It basically takes the idea of Boy Next Door and replaces the schoolboy crush aspect with something much sexier…. Mormons. Two elders come upon a single mother and her son playing football in the front yard, as most single mothers do.

The mother becomes romantically entangled with one of them and when the boys father comes back in the picture, the Mormon boy realizes his big ol’ glass of poon juice just ran dry and he gets incredibly jealous… and just one day before her baptism! Take a look at the trailer and then we’ll discuss the ups and downs.

UP Nothings scarier than the sight of two Mormons approaching your house. I always hear a big CA-CHUNG whenever someone mentions Christ around me.

Missionary Movie Mormons


Missionary Movie Shirtless

DOWN I think she picked the wrong Mormon, sure he’s handsome… but judging by the other man’s glasses, he has decent health insurance.

Missionary Movie Mormons 2

UP Promises of steamy sex scenes! Indeed… God IS good! “No… keep your shirt on. It’s sexier.”

Missionary Movie Mormon Sex

UP UH OH! Tension! Daddy’s back in the picture!

Missionary Movie Dad Back

UP Things look like they’re heating up. If there’s anything Mormons seem to hate more than someone questioning their religion, it’s change.

Missionary Movie Mormon Mad

DOWN That woman’s face! Restraining orders totally work, you shouldn’t have waited so long to turn in your paperwork.

Missionary Movie Beat

UP This Mormon is PISSED! With shots that remind you of The Shinning and The Good Son, we’re looking at something that has done its homework.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 2.29.14 PM

Overall, the film has a well cut trailer and even though the premise is a bit over done, that doesn’t mean that they didn’t do it right.

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  • Mark Cross

    This looks it’d be a lot of fun to watch with a group of ex-Mormons, a la “Mystery Science Theater 3000”.

    • Andrew Furtaco

      That might be a commentary that I make happen. That’s an awesome idea!

      How did you find this article? It just got a burst of popularity randomly.

      • Laura Neumann Journey

        I found it through the Facebook page. 🙂

        • Andrew Furtaco

          Thanks for letting me know! That’s awesome

  • Mark Cross

    This looks it’d be a lot of fun to watch with a group of ex-Mormons, a la “Mystery Science Theater 3000”.