Coming to Netflix this April is Everything You Wanted To See But Didn’t (And Some You Didn’t)

23BABADOOK2-articleLargeGet your priorities in order! New titles are coming to Netflix this April and it’s seriously the best month of new releases this year! Including more Leprechaun movies (because you were totally asking for them), Suicide Kings with the incredible Christopher Walkin, the horror movie you know you wanted to see Starry Eyes, and much more!

Now is the time to start planning what you’ll want to watch and canceling your pre-order of The Babadook! This is just a preview of what’s coming to Netflix in April, to keep up to date with everything as it comes check out our Daily Dump to see a detailed list of the daily updates of Netflix titles.

April 1st


  • Suicide Kings (1997): Suicide Kings is a great character piece with talents like Jay Mohr and Johnny Galecki before he was the face of evil — I mean in The Big Bang Theory. A bunch of young guys kidnap a mafia big shot played by Christopher Walkin who was at the top of his game! He’s one of the only people who can spend 95% of a film tied to a chair and still find yourself completely intrigued.

  • And Now … Ladies and Gentlemen.. (2002)
  • Bandolero (2000)
  • Barnyard (2006)
  • Bound (1996)
  • Buffalo Soldiers (2001)
  • Down to Earth (2001)
  • Leprechaun 3 (1995)
  • The Beautician and the Beast (1997)
  • The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (2002)
  • Leprechaun 4: In Space (1997)
  • Leprechaun 6: Back 2 tha Hood (2003)
  • Sunset Strip (2000)
  • Underworld (2003)
  • Whiteboyz (1999)
  • Wrong Turn at Tahoe (2009)

April 2

  • Life Partners (2014)
  • Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage (2014)

April 3


  • Starry Eyes (2014): I’ve been waiting to see Starry Eyes because I was hoping it’d come to Netflix soon and BOOM! Here we go! It takes place in Hollywood and follows a young actress as she uncovers just what it takes to become big and famous. The movie has previous podcast guest Amanda Fuller and really stretches the line of reality.

  • All Hail King Julien: Season 1 (5 New Episodes)
  • Derek: Special
  • The Quiet Ones (2014)

April 7

  • Wilfred, Season 4
  • Preservation (2014)

April 8

  • Halt and Catch Fire: Season 1 (2014)

April 9

  • Pioneer (2013)

April 10


  • Marvel’s Daredevil: Season 1: The new Daredevil series is being called a 13-hour film! We’ve been heavily covering the updates that have been trickling out over the past few weeks. The show promises to be dark and similar to everything we’ve come to expect from today’s super hero stories.

  • Broken (2013)
  • Burning Bridges (2014)
  • Confusion Na Wa (2013)
  • Finding Mercy (2012)
  • Finding Mercy 2 (2014)
  • Flower Girl (2013)
  • Forgetting June (2013)
  • Knocking on Heaven’s Door (2014)
  • Lagos Cougars (2013)
  • Lies Men Tell (2013)
  • Mad Couple (2014)
  • Mad Couple 2 (2014)
  • Matters Arising (2014)
  • October 1* (2014)
  • Onye Ozi (2013)
  • The Awakening (2013)
  • Ties That Bind (2011)

April 12

  • The Identical (2014)

April 13

  • Video Game High School: Season 3

April 14


  • The Babadook (2014): One of my favorite horror movies in the past decade. The Babadookhas the look and feel of a German expressionist film mixed into the modern day struggles of being a single mother. The above image is from the story book that gave me actual nightmares, if this still shot makes you any bit uncomfortable… this film is in fact FOR you.

  • Goodbye to Language (2014)
  • Kink (2013)

April 16

  • Hot Fuzz (2007)

April 17


  • They Came Together (2014): The newest film from Wet Hot American Summer director David Wain, They Came Together stars Paul Rudd and Amy Pohler in a satirical look at romantic comedies. They Came Together has so many great cameos and is full of situational humor that will have you laughing at your own storybook romance. If you’re single you’ll be glad you’re not in a relationship and if you’re in a relationship you’ll be glad you’re not these two. With the Wet Hot American Summer series coming in July, this is the perfect film to get you excited.

  • Baby Daddy: Season 4
  • Chris D’Elia: Incorrigible

April 18

  • Noah (2014)

April 21

  • A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)

April 25

  • Sons of Anarchy: Season 7

April 26

  • The Nutty Professor 2: Facing the Fear (2008)

April 27

  • National Treasure (2004)