Hey, kiddos! Inspector Gadget is coming to Netflix

Netflix is expanding their children’s section with new a remake of the classic Inspector Gadget cartoon. Not to be confused with the Matthew Broderick 90s dud, the animated television series Inspector Gadget will be a reboot of the 80s classic television show before the 90s casted their poor 90s movie magic on it.

The series will be produced by Canadian television company DHX Media, and will follow the adventures of Inspector Gadget, a half-man-half robot dorky detective. Alongside him will be his beloved niece Penny and her dog Brain, the actual star of the show (Let’s be honest!). Using his gadget limbs, Inspector Gadget, Penny and Brain will try to stop crime by using their millennial tech savviness.

“It’s one of those shows where we’re able to hit a few different audiences,” said Erik Barmack, VP of global independent content at Netflix. “We think that kids are going to love the show … but it’s also going to get some co-viewing because there is a generation of parents who grew up on the original.”

But don’t be confused; this isn’t really a Netflix original. Though Netflix did acquire the rights to the series, the new Inspector Gadget has already aired in Europe. It will be making its switch to Netflix in March, with a total of 26 episodes.

Inspector Gadget is one of five kid television series Netflix has acquired, including a remake of Dangerous Mouse. Reboots have been Netflix’s niche lately, especially in the kids category, with previously announced upcoming  reboots, including the Magic School Bus and Care Bears. Maybe we can reboot some Hey Arnold! and Doug next? Or is that asking too much?