Chelsea Handler gossips how she hates celebrity gossip…

Chelsea Handler recently made it very clear that her upcoming series with Netflix would not be anything like Chelsea Lately.

She told Variety that, “I want to make something that has a little bit of what I used to do and a little bit of what I want to do, and not have it so much about celebrities or to be about gossip, and whatever the hell is going on with who’s getting married, and who’s getting divorced and who’s having a baby. I do not care”.

Handler is slated to create four comedy programs for Netflix, after which she will start some type of news program, projected to debut in 2016. Many are wondering how this will work, as traditional news shows are centered on current events.

The 39-year old Handler offered some insight into how this may work, as she stated that her projects will revolve around worlds she isn’t familiar with, and that she wants to look at preconceived beliefs as well. She also stated, “I want to go to places I know nothing about”; this, and a recent trip to Israel, helps give us an idea of the potential direction of her shows.

She reportedly wants to offer fresh episodes up to three times a week, but a spokesman for Netflix declined to comment to Variety. As we previously reported, she wants to do a show interviewing people during their everyday job.