The Chris Wylde Guide to Watching ‘All’s Faire in Love’

Actor/Comedian Chris Wylde (Space Cowboys, The Revenant, Joe Dirt) was just on my podcast ABOUT Netflix and we spoke about the only film he’s in that is on Instant… All’s Faire in Love which he admits is a steaming pile of dung. Wylde says, “The only way to watch this film is to start at minute 13 and only watch my scenes”. I actually sat through the entire movie to see if he was right (because I want to be thorough for your) and I’ve got to admit.. Chris is fantastic in a film that isn’t.


So, going by the Chris Wylde viewing method, here’s where you should watch the film All’s Faire in Love.


14:10 - Start With A Mustache Twirl




23:30 - Fast Forward Until You See This Image



32:00 - Learn How To Say “Cock Block” With A British Accent



42:40: Watch Chris Charm The Pants Onto Christina Ricci


1:02:22 - Rehearsing For The Grande Final!!! (Chris’ Arm Has Spent More Time Up Than Down At This Point)



1:08:57 - “Do Not Record Over Gossip Girl



1:20:40 - Until The End It’s All Chris… And His Dong… While He Kidnaps A Dog.


This film is not by any use of the word… good, but the magic of Chris Wylde makes it watchable. Just follow this guide and you’ll actually dig it!