Movies To Binge Before You Purge: Anarchy

Hey folks, this is the weekend of the much anticipated follow up to the box office smash… The Purge. I saw the trailers hoping it would focus on the chaos, the crazy, the madness that ensues on purge night. All we got was Ethan Hawke stuck in a house with 4 other terrible actors. THE PURGE: ANARCHY was exactly what I wanted the first one to be. It was a modern day Warriors for a tech savvy world. This world has gone crazy, so I’ve put together a list of movies to binge before you Purge out! These are all films where societies gone mad! MAD I TELL YOU


Classic John Carpenter film with a killer score and full of killers



A movie where you get to see the world from the mind of a killer



Honestly, you can watch the trailer and be content. The films a little long but the action is over the top and just what you need to feed your bloodlust.



A great movie to watch with the kids… if your kids love misogynistic mass murderers who listen to ATM machines that tell them to feed it a dead cat.



The first movie for Jeff Goldblum and a major hit for the majestic Charles Bronson. He is fed up with this crazy world and decides to fight back.



“Fuck off, you Packie bastard”


The only thing that I don’t understand is that in this world where one night a year all crime is legal, including murder… why is it that the only thing people seem to want to do is murder? Is this generation lack enough creativity to do anything other than the one example they’re told? If it said, “all crime is legal, including having sex with ducks”, would the streets run rampant with duck feathers and wide waddling?


Other films I’d want on this list that aren’t on Netflix Instant but you should watch:

Falling Down
Benny’s Video
Battle Royale