10 Trilogies on Netflix NOW STREAMING

Sometimes just one movie isn’t enough and TV shows are too quick. If you’re on the hunt for a big, juicy movie trilogy to sink your teeth into, here are 10 available on Netflix streaming right now.


If you’re into the 70’s, baseball and foul-mouthed kids, there’s really just one place to turn. It’s the original Bad News Bears and its sequels, The Bad News Bears In Breaking Training and The Bad News Bears Go To Japan.Walther Matthau took off after the original, but William Devane and Tony Curtis step in alongside
young Jackie Earle Haley for the second and third entries in this diamond trilogy.


If it’s no go on Bad New Bears, there’s Beverly Hills Cop. Dive into 315 minutes of Eddie Murphy’s wisecracking Axel Foley! In 2 and 3 Eddie, Bronson Pinchot & Judge Reinhold are joined by Jurgen Prochnow, Brigitte Nielsen, Hector Elizondo and maybe YOU? Start humming that song and go along for the ride.


The 80s also give us the classic Karate Kid movies. It was a simpler time, when karate movies didn’t feature kung fu. You’ve got yourself FOUR Karate kid movies, so crane kick back and crank up “You’re The Best Around” while putting down some sake. Ralph Macchio and Cobra Kai sensei Martin Kove are in for three, but if you go the distance with Pat Morita you get Hillary Swank, Michael Ironside and one good time.


Right in the same time neighborhood as Karate Kid, it’s no nuclear waste of time to hit up the Toxic Avenger films back to back to back to back! The half life of hilarity of this franchise is more than enough to watch all four and have a great time doing it. You could have a worse companion for half a day than ol’ Toxie, right?



The horror genre is rich with lengthy franchises, and a few came from that halycon era, the 90’s. If you liked “From Dusk Till Dawn”, don’t leave its sequels on the table! You are not going to find cooler subtitles than “Texas Blood Money” and “The Hangman’s Daughter”. What you are going to find- if you give these movies a whirl- is T-1000 Robert Patrick, Jango Fett Temuera Morrison, Bruce Campbell, Tiffany Amber Thiessen and Danny Trejo Danny Trejo DANNY TREJO!

If you like your horror ironic, it doesn’t get much more so than the Scream films- or should they be called the Stream films? No, but still you can watch each of the first three while waiting for the Scream 4 Blu-Ray disc to show up in the mail! Maybe you’re afraid you’ll burn through the original trio before numero quatro arrives, but take a ‘stab’ at it! If you make it, the prize is America’s sweetheart Alison Brie.


Maybe you haven’t seen anything you want to sink your teeth into so far, but don’t seek revenge on me yet! Park Chan-Wook’s Vengeance trilogy is available in its entirety. Sure, they don’t share a narrative, but if critics around the world say they’re a trilogy, who are you to doubt critics around the world? Lighten up and get lethal satisfaction from these films!


If you dug David Fincher’s “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” but wish there was more, relax: all three books were made into dynamite films in their native land, and made well. Breath deeply of the subtitles and when it’s all over, you’re going to be saying “That’s a Swedish meatball!” Noomi Rapace will make you forget Rooney Mara (if you knew her to begin with), and remember nothing but Lisbeth Salander’s greatness.


If sitting on the couch and watching Netflix is your idea of Heaven, don’t miss Kirk Cameron’s revelatory “Left Behind” series. You don’t want to be totally alone in having committed the unforgivable sin of skipping these films, do you? Kirk brings with him Oscar winner Louis Gossett, Jr and “Puppet Master” veteran Gordon Currie, so if you were bored before, now you’re saved!


Bringing up the rear of this franchise rundown (which does not include Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s ‘The Rundown’- YET) are the Eating Out films. The world of gay cinema is bound to go mainstream in a big way, so why not get the jump on it? See men hook up with men and enjoy the hilarity that ensues. Whatever your sexual preference is, you’ll be feeling gay when you get to the end of this trilogy. Big names they may not have, but isn’t it all about how you use them?

So there you go folks, enjoy yourself to the power of three!