Now Streaming Podcast – Ep 83 – The Abby Zinger

We’re coming to a close soon and I made sure to make this 2nd to last episode of Now Streaming count… by doing what I SHOULD have been doing since episode 2.

I learned about more movies on this podcast than almost 90 episodes combined. Thanks for my guests Bart Kimball, Greg Ephraim, and Brandon Gilbrech who went with me on a new format. Instead of reviewing a specific movie I had my guests write their top 10 favorite titles on Netflix and then created games inspired by their titles.

We cover all the titles from my hidden favorites like Shakma all the way to foreign hits like Boys from Brazil. We then played games like AirBud/Pulp Fiction and Peaky Blinders… You’ll have to SEE it to believe it!

I would say this episode rejuvenated my love for the show and inspired me to keep going, but then that means I’d be going back on my word and slowing down on my career, so F-DAT.

Next week will be my final episode of the show and I’ve invited everyone who has been a guest to come by and hang out. We’ll be live streaming it via FB, so please feel free to join in and be part of “history”

  • Brandon Gilbrech

    I meant nashville, not Network, I hope no one thinks I’m a dunce.

    Here are ten Netflix faves, since Andrew won’t do it.

    Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption, Exorcist, It’s always Sunny, Barkley marathons, Peaky Blinders, Parks and Rec, Princess Bride, Sunset Boulevard, Master of None. But i would add, anything Kubrick, Groundhog Day, Princess Bride, and anything Tarantino.

    Also, Shakma is not on Netflix, but it is on Amazon Prime and Andrew is a liar and dumb.

    • Jeff

      Did your tastes become mainstream since I left Los Angeles?

      • Brandon Gilbrech

        I was talking about the Altman film, not the show. I can understand the confusion.