Just Saw The ‘Flaked’ Trailer… Is This The Will Arnett We’ve Been Waiting For?

I love Will Arnett, but he’s had a tough run when it comes to TV roles… he blew up playing GOB Bluth in Arrested Development and pretty much every show since then has been trying to recreate the magic… unsuccessfully I might add. It seemed that Arnett was going to be doomed to live in the shadow of his once great self, hat is until Netflix allowed him to open up and let him try something different. Both Bojack Horseman and this new series Flaked are bringing a darker, gritty, broken side to Arnett that hasn’t only been working, it’s majestic.

His new series Flaked is a dry, slice-of-life comedy about Chip, a celebrated long-time resident of the insular world of Venice, California who falls for the object of his best friend’s fascination. Soon the tangled web of half-truths and semi-bullshit that underpins his all-important image and sobriety begins to unravel. Will Arnett plays Chip, a man doing his honest best to stay one step ahead of his own lies.

The character of Chip is extremely similar to that of Bojack, but this time we’re able to see the weathered face of the man we once wanted to punch for doing Brothers Solomon.

Flaked premieres March 11 on Netflix screens everywhere!