I Hosted A Round of Netflix Horror Trivia – See How Much YOU Know!

Last night Now Streaming was invited to host a round of trivia at the Dead Right Horror Trivia which takes place at Blast From The Past in Burbank, CA. I’m known as the Netflix guy, and to stay true to my title I was going to keep all my questions Netflix-centric… But I wanted to make it challenging and different.

So I decided to focus my round on those films we all know exist, but most likely have never seen… those films you see while scrolling through Netflix while looking for something to watch. So even though you’ve never seen ’em you know ’em and are probably intrigued by some of the posters. So I photoshopped the titles out of the posters and the teams had 2 minutes to write all of them down.

Below is my round, so if you want to give it a show you can try your best! Even though I can’t time you while doing them online, I want you to PROMISE you won’t go cheating and look up the posters… you’d only be cheating yourself. Put your answers in the comments below!