Now Streaming Podcast Ep. 73 ‘Chelsea Does…’ Not Make Us Laugh

Well hello internet! We’re back in the full swing of things and this episode marks the return to all the Now Streaming games you’ve come to know and love. Today I brought on guests Bart Kimball who is a producer on The Voice, cinematographer of All Cheerleaders Die, Greg Ephraim, and movie reviewer for & Brian Collins.

I decided to have my guests watch something I’ve never suggested before… a Netflix Original series. Each of us watched a different episode of the four-part series Chelsea Does… which is about Chelsea Handler educating herself on things she doesn’t really understand… like technology, racism, drugs, and marriage. Things that privileged white women seem to be able to shield themselves from I suppose… It was interesting because none of us went in liking Chelsea’s comedy (some not liking her as a person) and the outcome will surprise you… the group was split in half; two respecting Chelsea for her attempt and two finding a new reason to turn her face into a dart board.

Outside of the series, my guests tell me what they’ve been watching and what movies they suggest to avoid. I also learn that I’m not the only one who puts their iPad on their belly and watches movies 30 minutes at a time as they fall asleep to the sounds of screams… I do, however, find out I’m the only one who gets erect whenever he hears a laugh track. But that’s a story for a different time.

You should just sit back, relax, and enjoy this weeks episode of Now Streaming Podcast. The only Netflix podcast worth a damn!


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BY Bart Kimball

BY Greg Ephraim

BY Brian Collins