Get All The Netflix Secret Codes With One Awesome Plugin

A few weeks ago the internet was aflutter with Netflix secret codes to “unlock” your Netflix and make it possible to find hundreds of titles you didn’t even know were on Netflix. It was basically URL links to show you those micro-genres that randomly show up when you are scrolling through… “crazy campfire films featuring a strong female lead” and stuff like that… It’s pretty rad that they’ve found a way to get those, but it’s literally THOUSANDS of 4 digit codes that you would have to keep in an index, keep updating it, and it just didn’t seem like something that would help you find movies… you’d be too busy trying to find the codes! So I decided to keep my mouth shut… Because I knew someone would make an app that would take all those codes and turn it into one simple button.


I’m glad I waited, because this is a major payoff! There’s a new plugin available for Chrome and Firefox (if you use Safari… stop) called the ‘Netflix Super Browse,’ and it puts all those crazy micro-genres into one clean list alphabetized and ready to look through.




The extension is absolutely free and can be downloaded from the Chrome Store and Mozilla Add-ons, but just a heads up, it’s still in the beta phase so there may be bugs.