It’s the end of the week and amongst all the new titles now on Netflix, there were a few titles that are going to make your weekend better and help you forget that Monday is right around the corner.


The new Netflix original series by the Wachowskis (The Matrix) about 8 strangers who have one thing in common… that is the big secret. However, the two creators promised on-screen births and psychedelic orgies and that’s something to grow on. The cast is promising and the only thing that could possibly hold the show back from being great is the filmmakers themselves.



Mortal Kombat
Today is a great day because Netflix brought back Mortal Kombat: The Movie which is one of the greatest fighting based video game movies of the 90s!



The Lost Boys
Edward Cullen is a pussy compared to anyone in this movie, even the dog! This is my childhood favorite horror movie that I could never watch in one sitting, it was too scary! I guess I wasn’t ready for a lead actor with a mullet. The vampire movie that showed that being a family goes deeper than blood… boom. I need to write this shit down.