10 ‘Leprechaun’ GIFs you and Jennifer Aniston will love

So…it’s St. Patrick’s Day, and for anyone who has work tomorrow (or anyone who’s responsible enough to care), you know that getting absolutely shit-faced tonight might not be an option. Come on people, lets all be adults here and admit that that trip to the pub might not be as tempting as snuggling in your couch watching Netflix.

So to keep the St. Patrick’s Day celebration at least remotely alive and watch 1993’s Leprechaun. Jennifer Aniston may be known by many as Rachel, but we know her better as the pre-nose-job-teen-running-from-a-leprechaun. So to get you pumped for what could possibly be the best St. Patrick’s Day movie ever (which isn’t much, being that there are hardly any out there), we have for you some Leprechaun GIFs you won’t soon forget. Happy St. Patrick’s Day you guys.



Damn, you if you don’t know!



Leprechauns have needs too.



The best kind of green.



Haha! I’m a fucking leprechaun!



Drinking like an Irish.




Not so lucky after all, huh?



Giving the finger and making a spectacular exit.



True friendships don’t care if you’re a leprechaun as long as weed’s involved.



Keep throwing those glasses- I’ll just use them for my bar “Leprechaun.”



Angelina should be scared.