This week’s Portlandia was, admittedly, not as much of a hoot (yes, I used the word ‘hoot’) as last week’s episode. To be fair, it’s difficult to follow an episode with cameos from Parker Posey and the creator of The Simpsons, however, episode 7, “Doug Becomes a Feminist” was still enjoyable in it’s own right.
Starting off with a crack at the various of sexual preferences that have been coined the past couple years, such as hetero-textual (sending dick pics is a sexual preference, right?), the episode moves along to couple Doug and Claire, who are still trying to make it through Doug’s unemployment and overall laziness. When Doug helps out the weekly cleaning lady, he has an epiphany that was a result of the cleaning lady’s mispronunciation of “feminine”, using instead “feminist” to describe Doug. Though it was simply miscommunication, Doug then believes he is a feminist for being a stay-at-home husband. Claire is the bread winner, and he wants to recognize and support this by burning her bras and demanding a raise at her job. He also makes friends with a group of male feminists that share what kind of feminist they believe they are; Doug insists the kind of feminist he is one who doesn’t hire geishas.
Meanwhile, the real radical feminist bookstore owners of Women & Women First are assisting Greta Gerwig (adorable cameo, may I add) as she prepares for a mermaid movie she’s starring in. The episode also takes a jab at road shares by having sweet Sandra carpool with a foreign (?) Fred Armisen with wavy hair; they’re also a bit about political bumper sticker with Nance and Peter. Guess Portlandia’s themes for this week were feminism and cars?
 Each skit was nicely thought-out, but maybe a bit more male feminism bits would’ve done the trick?


“A Song for Portland” (Cacao)
S 1, Ep 2
Nina and Lance need a safe word, so Nina (Fred Armisen looking the best he’ll ever look as a woman), decides to use “cacao” as a means to warn Lance (Carrie Brownstein sounding the worst she’ll ever sound) whenever (s)he is too rough in bed. The safe word soon becomes Nina’s favorite word, using “cacao” as a means to stop anything intimate with Lance, physical or not.
“Winter in Portland” (Feminist bookstore owners gender son)
S3, Ep 1
Candace is visited by her son, whose existence was unknown to everyone including Toni. Her son Robert (Bobby Moynihan) is a traumatized fella; recounting the difficulty he had growing up without a gender, which Candace deprived him of. Apparently she never looked at his wee-wee.
“Take Back MTV”
S 3, Ep 2
Unlike today, where anyone can find love and sex with just a swipe of an app, Sandra is actually falling for someone in her yoga class. The mysterious man who sensually embarks on this 30-minute yoga class with Sandra turns out to be a bummer, though. Meeting people outside of the internet is just hard- said everyone.
S4, Ep 2
Candace and Toni can’t make rent this month, so they hold a car wash. They receive only one customer, who has to awkwardly sit there by himself and watch as these radical feminists wash his car. The businessman is then verbally attacked by the two gals who accuse him of wanting a sexy Carl’s Jr. commercial-like car wash, instead of the crappy car wash they’re taking forever to finish.